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Rick Hevier

Marketing Expert

About Rick

Rick Hevier is a management consultant whose highly successful, multifaceted approach to marketing is rooted in one important value: excellent customer service.

Over the course of his career, Rick has cultivated a well-informed perspective on the role of marketing in numerous professional sectors. His recent experience in selling and renting multifamily properties particularly encapsulates why high-quality marketing is crucial both for newcomers and longtime customers. Rick has been able to continuously foster new customer growth while retaining loyal and satisfied customers for long periods of time.

Amongst the apartment properties with which Rick has been involved, he has consistently kept a lower turnover rate than the national average reported by the National Apartment Association. This is due to a few different factors: he works to design and market multifamily homes in the most effective ways possible to reach the right demographics. He also ensures round-the-clock property services to meet customers’ needs. His ability to truly understand his demographic fosters a steady stream of new customers, while his ongoing treatment of customers inspires them to recommend the business to others — naturally providing a vital word-of-mouth component to his marketing strategy.

  • Immersion and Understanding of Demographic 100% 100%

Round-the-Clock Availability

Word-of-Mouth Support

Rick’s Philosophy

Rick Hevier believes that in order to achieve true change via marketing, professionals must fully understand and define the “foundation” of their product. He emphasizes the importance of developing a comprehensive vision, mission, and value statement for a business, and helping all members of a team understand it. By addressing these issues at the source, professionals can create and implement marketing materials that properly communicate their own missions. They can also more fully understand which features of their marketing attract the most business.

Just as importantly, marketers must tackle the questions that determine their own customer base: “Who is our current demographic? How can we most effectively reach them? Do we need to draw in a different audience, and if so, how can we re-energize and rebrand our services to best accommodate them?” Rick believes that before you can meet the needs of a customer, an effective marketer must “become the customer” and become immersed in the typical customer’s interests, habits, and overall lifestyle. Only then can a professional deliver the high expectations and unique services that will lead to customer retention and recommendations among their social and professional circles.

Turning Ideas Into Realities

These services, both in Rick’s real estate experience and on a larger scale, frequently start with nothing more than an idea. In addition to management, Rick has managed millions of dollars in development of new multifamily housing. He has expertly managed to discern the ideal designs of his target audience and then use communicative aids (such as scale models and renderings) to thoroughly convey “the dream” before it actually comes to life. This type of marketing naturally sets extremely high expectations with the right customers, and Rick prides himself on then being able to carry these out in the development of the final products.

This blog will focus on Rick Hevier’s extensive knowledge of marketing and its broad applications to various industries.