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When implementing an SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy, there are many aspects of the plan to consider. While you are strategizing, make sure that you do not do any of the following things online, ever!

1) Post Without a Strategy

Let me make this loud and clear.

If you do not have a strategy
for your business’ digital marketing efforts,

Businesses oftentimes fail to plan properly for their digital marketing efforts. They ignore the basic three deliverables that companies need to continually do online: Broadcast self-created and curated content, listen for KPIs and your followership’s opinions, and respond to engaged users. To create a successful SMM plan, follow the directions from industry leaders Hootsuite and Social Media Examiner.

2) Have More Than One Person Operating Each Social Profile

If you have more than one person posting to your business’ social media profiles, you risk confusing and potentially losing your audiences. If your company does have more than one person posting on the same web property, it is imperative that the content is reviewed and agreed-upon by all parties before posting every single time. The reason for this is that if two people are posting to the same account under the same identity, followers will eventually pick up on the differences in voice and tone and will become (1) confused and (2) disengaged, as it seems suspicious of internal failures in the company.

3) Exaggerate

Here is a perfect “If, Then” statement to memorize to make sure you never exaggerate.

If you exaggerate,
your followers will exploit your lies
publicly and ruthlessly.

I like to believe that all people are kind souls, but the reality of the internet these days is that people tend to hide behind their screens and use that as a reason to share sometimes rude, awful, inconsiderate, and totally not-thought-through statements. Basically, don’t hand your followers a silver platter of reasons why they should bust on you to their followers and your target audiences.

4) Unfollow Your Competition

If you ignore your competition online, that does not mean they will ignore you, too.

Don’t let them have the ability to post good content that you cannot be inspired by to create even better content. If you don’t follow them, you cannot react to their failures or good finds. You may even lose out on the opportunity to see how they are pricing and promoting their services and products, giving them an advantage to competing against your business.

Want to know the other six things businesses should never do online? Come back next week for Part Two of “Want to Lose Customers? Do These 10 Things Online.” Also, tweet me with your challenges, examples, or questions @RickHevier!